Our EOR service ensures full compliance, backed by extensive local experience and a deep understanding of Mexico’s economic, legal, tax, and social landscape


Are you looking to employ workers in México?

With our Employer of Record service, we can hire remote, onsite, or hybrid workers for you anywhere in Mexico, ensuring full compliance with tax, social security, and labor obligations. We offer human and personalized attention, tailored solutions for your specific needs, and guidance for complying with local regulations.

Unlike global automated platforms, we are indeed specialists in Mexico and are familiar with its social, labor, tax, economic, and legal landscape.

Do you need mexican work visa for a foreigner employee? As a company authorized by the migration authorities, we can hire expats and provide support for processing residence visa.


Various perks options such as savings fund, medical insurance, and remote work expenses.


Corporate, International Trade, Tax Defense, Intellectual Property, Compliance, Labor Law.


Support with the process of temporary Mexican residence and work visa for foreigners.


Mexican REPSE permit available for supplied workers who need to comply with this guideline

Personnel Recruitment for onsite, remote, or hybrid work, and Payroll Management are integral parts of our services


HR Consulting Services

Specialized and up-to-date consulting in administrative, tax, accounting, legal, and labor matters. Our team of experts analyzes each case from a multidisciplinary perspective, taking into account everything from legal aspects to technological implications

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Union Benefits

Our union benefits plan allows the employer to have the support of our union to provide greater and better benefits, offering their workers an improvement in their quality of life.

We offer compensation alternatives that allow us to provide workers with additional non-salary benefits within the current regulations


Pension and Retirement Plans

We manage a Pension and Retirement Plan under the oversight of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System, CONSAR, to ensure comprehensive retirement solutions for workers